About EMM


Engineering Minds Munich GmbH is a payload development company and acts as system and technology supplier for space industry. It is the goal of EMM to produce high-quality space systems fulfilling the requirements of our customers. EMM provides the problem solving capabilities that large companies require from their smaller and agile partners. The key for EMMs efficiency lies in the experience and versatile knowledge of its engineers.

EMM has been found in 2018 and has developed a number of innovative Space Products since then. The mission statement of EMM is to supply products for the entire range of future satellite programs: For highest reliability, long-term missions in the classical space business as well as for the New Space segment with series production where a more cost-driven approach is needed. Therefore, EMM has a solid company structure with streamlined processes that provide the flexibility to create mature concepts and individual solutions for our customers. The required knowhow for building satellite systems and payload instrumentation is existent within EMM to a hundred percent. EMM is a lean start-up growing sustainably under its own steam. Our partners and customers benefit from the technical advantage of our innovative products.

EMM gets the job done!



We are a team of engineers having a long-standing professional experience in the development of space-borne systems. We have been working together successfully for several years and complement each other regarding the professional skill set and expertise. Our strength lies in the broad range of space engineering heritage in all disciplines relevant for our space product development. That is why we join our forces at EMM.




Markus Plattner

project management, systems engineering, strategic orientation, electronics design, embedded systems, radiation and reliability analysis

Sabine Ott

electronics engineering, model-based systems engineering and analysis, soft- and firmware programming, EGSE and test setup development, radiation testing

Jintin Frank

Structural and thermal design, mechanics and mechanisms design and construction, manufacturing control, assembly integration and test, multi-domain analysis based on finite-element modelling, thermal and vibration testing


Our team members have been working in several space development projects. We bring this heritage into our products and projects for the benefit of our customers. Some exemplary projects where we have contributed are for example ESA ATHENA (Advanced Telescope for High Energy Astrophysics), the German Heinrich-Hertz Mission, ESA Euclid and several studies for space industry.




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