Let's shake it!

Jan 2021

EMM built a small-scale shaker for vibrational measurements in dedicated axes. The shaker can be used as a platform for tiny specimen like electronic components or minor active mechanisms. The design of the guidance is based on air bearings and has a lightweight interface platform for the specimen – for low parasitic losses caused by friction.
This ensures a high efficiency regarding the bounded operating power.

Different actuators can be adapted and customize the required driving acceleration/forces to the application. Another “gimmick” is the application of the shaker as a measurement device for microvibrations of an active driven body by using highly sensitive accelerometers or an optical vibrometer and measure the interface loads of the platform. The shaker also operates in cryogenic environment of a thermal chamber.

The next steps are the characterization of the dynamic performance for the correlation with FEM-based simulations of the shaker-specimen combination.

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